Students can be accommodated in boarding schools. The rooms are arranged in boxes of two or three. Two buildings are available to accommodate different groups: pupils and students, boys and girls, apprentices and adults.


High school boarding

The pricing is in line with that of all public establishments in the Provences-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region and is established as follows:





1st quarter2nd quarter3rd quarter

Discount for every

week during internship


Rate 1

Full week

From monday morning till friday afternoon

€ 1505,21 € 602,08 € 602,08 € 301,04 €41,81


Rate 2

Full week

no wednesday evening meal

€ 1196,71 € 478,68 € 478,68 € 239,34 €33,24


Rate 3

Full week

no wednesday meal

(noon and evening)

€ 1083,23 € 433,29 € 433,29

€ 216,65



A change of plan during the year is possible, but for organizational and quality of service reasons, a chosen plan is deemed valid for the entire quarter.

Participation for related services  - All classes
Day students  € 11,00 / month
Full boarders and half boarders  € 15,50 / month

Adult boarding

  • For major work-study BTSA
  • Underage apprentices and trainees are placed in high school boarding until they come of age.

Cost: € 130.70 per week

Note: Specific aid for apprentices from apprenticeship funding organizations amounting up to € 51 allows only a remaining payment of € 79.70

Group accommodation and accommodation outside school periods, especially during summer, is possible. Go to the Contact page and leave us a message using the contact form.