Opening the school to Europe and to the world


International cooperation constitutes the 5th mission of Agricultural Education and is part of the establishment project. The high school is implementing several actions or projects linked to opening up to Europe and internationally and has an 2021-2027 ECHE Erasmus charter for Higher Education.


* European Day of Languages

One afternoon per year can be dedicated to opening up to another international language (linguistic discovery workshops) then to cultural, sporting or relaxation workshops related to other countries.

* Erasmus Days

Our high school celebrates an Erasmus Day every year for learners to raise awareness of the Erasmus program and encourage mobility abroad. Depending on the year, we have foreign trainees host part of this day to present in their own language their country of origin, its gastronomic specialties and culture.


* The European Youth Parliament

The EYP intervenes to have our students debate with volunteers on current European subjects. Citizenship, argumentation and open-mindedness are then worked on.


* The Alimenterre festival

Each year between mid-October and the end of November, we offer a selection of documentaries and short films to our learners. An evening for interns or for our foreign interns can take place and allow discussions on food, agriculture or sustainable development in the world.

* Internships abroad

The High School offers its motivated learners in BTSA, 1ère Conseil Vente in european section, 1ère Vigne et Vin or 1ère STAV to complete an internship abroad.

It is easier to move abroad if:
- you are an adult
- you are adaptable
- you go with several people
- you choose a destination according to your budget

Scholarships exist depending on the duration of the internship or the destination.


* The Erasmus project in Georgia

Georgia, the cradle of wine, which has several hundred grape varieties on its territory, is a country very complementary to France in terms of viticulture. An Erasmus partnership with Georgian universities since 2019 is underway to welcome trainees and teacher-researchers to discuss the world of wine and our educational systems.